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There are thousands of Appstore Deals, some good discounts, some not so good, and then there is a huge amount of absolutely unbelievable FREE apps.

amazon underground

Thousands of FREE apps just waiting for you to download.

You may ask yourself, how can Amazon give these apps away?

Two reasons, while you are at the appstore, as well as getting as many free apps as you like, they are hoping you will purchase some of the apps. And the main reason, is that the free apps you download have ads on them. So as long as you don’t mind with a few ads, there is an issue with privacy with these apps, Amazon as well as other apps sources, will send text messages to you, app usage, your location and all your contacts, but if you are OK with that, then everybody’s happy.

However, there are some really good apps, that you can purchase, with a discount deal.

A massive amount of games, but don’t think all the free apps are games, health and fitness, finance, education, travel, business, food and drink, lifestyle, medical, sport, shopping and lots more.

To Download the Amazon Underground.


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Please note that it is NOT downloadable from Google play. Plus, this is for Android mobile devices and tablets only.

When downloading, it will ask you to change your settings to install from an unknown source. However if you have a problem downloading the app. Go to Settings/ Security and scroll down to Unknown Sources / and allow.

Another great reason to get the Free apps from Underground, some of the have bonus features, where you pay to unlock them, but with Amazon Underground they are all Free. A warning before you download, make sure that it says Actually Free, and not just free, you may have to pay for in-app purchase.



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